Pet Boarding vs. Pet Sitting

From a Dog Walker and Pet Sitter’s P.O.V you would probably expect me to say that Pet Sitting is always better, but in all honesty; it depends on your pet. In this article, I am going to weigh up the pros and the cons of each.

The Difference Between Pet Sitting and Pet Boarding

Pet Sitting usually consists of a Pet Sitter staying in your home and providing your pets with care, other times it may require a Pet Sitter checking in on your pets 1-2 times daily. Pet Boarding is where your pet will be boarded in a kennel alongside other pets during their stay.

All pets are different and that is why I say it depends on your pet. Naturally, your pets will feel out of their comfort zone without you being there, for some pets being out of their own home can add to that separation anxiety causing your pet physical symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhoea. There are a lot of questions to ask yourself when considering to choose a Pet Sitter or Pet Boarding, such as;

  • Does your pet require a specific routine?
  • Does your pet feel uncomfortable with people in their home?
  • Does your pet like being around other pets?
  • Does your pet become distressed being away from home?
  • Do you have other pets at home?
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Pet Sitting

If you have multiple pets at home, you may find a Pet Sitter easier rather than trying to find the best care for each of your pets. Pet Sitting also has the advantage of having your home minded which can help eliminate extra costs when thinking about going away. Pet Sitters are able to provide a daily update of your pets that aren’t provided by Pet Boarding due to the amount of Pets they have in their care. So if you like to keep updates and know what your pet is up to, you may find Pet Sitting more personal to you. Pet sitters can provide daycare sessions which are for when your pets are only in need of care a few hours daily, such as during work hours.


Pet Boarding

If your pet is comfortable around other pets and loves the interaction you may find that Pet Boarding would be more beneficial to your pet. Some owners like to put their pets into Veterinary Pet Boarding which can help give a peace of mind knowing that Veterinary Care is on hand, this could come in handy if your pet requires medical attention in their daily routine. If your pet is rather destructive whilst alone, you may find a Pet Boarding service more practical so you have confidence in knowing that your home will be safe from the destructive behaviour in your absence.

You have to bare in mind that all pets are different and nobody knows your pet better than you do. Ultimately your decision must be made on your own with your pets best interests in mind. You may have a case of trial and error with finding what works for you and your pet.

I hope this short blog post has helped some of you who may be considering using a Pet Sitter or Pet Boarding. Please subscribe to our blog for company updates as well as new pet-related articles.

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