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The Wirral Woof Pack opened in January 2020, after finally plucking up the courage to take a new adventure in my life. I’ve spent many years being referred to as ‘The Crazy Animal Lady’ or having my home referred to as a ‘Zoo’ because of my love for pets and opening my heart by taking in pets of all different variety. I currently reside with my Cat ‘Milo’, Rabbit ‘Beatrix’, Hamster ‘Lemmiwinks’, 4 Giant African Land Snails and Dexter the Snake.

I am an animal lover by nature and throughout my life, I’ve always loved and been surrounded by pets. I honestly think they make a house a home, and they truly are part of your family. In February 2019, I, unfortunately, lost my Siberian Husky and one of the things I miss most about her is the adventures we would have together. She was a huge part of the inspiration between starting this business.

I’ve dabbled in many things before finally accepting that being in the pet business may just be my true calling card. I have a reputation for being loving and compassionate towards animals and I beileve this shows in my work. I aim to create a safe, trusting and loving enviroment for your pets aswell as make sure they are happy and healthy through excesize and play.

I look forward to hearing for you.



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