Review Policy

The Wirral Woof Pack are happy to receive items to review that relate to our content, such as pet foods, toys, books on pets, equipment, etc. You can get in contact with us through our contact page to discuss the details.

I believe in complete honesty when it comes to reviewing products as I do not wish to mislead my readers in any way. If you are wanting me to review your product I ask that you understand this policy and respect that I will decline a product if it doesn’t fit my niche or if I am overwhelmed by other pressing deadlines.

How I Review Products –

I will always ask to try the product before reviewing or recommending it to my readers.

I am a qualified photographer and will include professional-looking product photography of your product on my blog. I ask that you do not share or use my photographs without asking for my permission first.

I will write a description of the product, including links to your shop, and then write about my honest thoughts, feelings and experiences whilst using your product.

I will then schedule a date for the review to go live on and inform you when the review is live on my site.

I share my reviews on all of my social media platforms. If you have social media I will tag your socials as well as using any hashtags you may require.

I always review products in a timely matter, and I ask that you understand that occasionally I may have other commitments that may delay me from reviewing your product.

If you understand and accept this policy and still wish for us to review your product then feel free to send over your enquires. Here at the Wirral Woof Pack, we love receiving post especially the box that we receive them in!