Dog Walking Service

We provide regular dog walking to help keep your dog active and healthy. We understand that for whatever reason you may not be able to keep up a regular routine with walking your dogs. We provide 1-2 hour walk depending on your dog’s needs or half-hour walks for elder dogs or puppies.


Pet sitting / Day-care Service

It can be difficult to always find time for your pets when you are working or have other demanding commitments. Pet sitting or Day-care can help assure you that your pets are getting all the attention they need whilst you are busy, this typically includes a 1-hour walk. This visit can also include a home visit, in which we simply just feed your pets and check in on how they are doing whilst you are not at home.

Read more about our Day-Care service here! 


Overnight Home Boarding Service

We understand that some pets can be distressed by overnights away from their owners and being surrounded by other animals at a Kennel can also be quite frightening for them. We aim to provide a service where your pet will feel safe, loved and comfortable whilst you are away and that they are taken for regular walks whilst trying to maintain their usual routine. This service can be provided at your own home, which can help you feel more comfortable knowing you have extra home security whilst you are away.

Read our blog post about whether home boarding is right for your pet here.

Pet Portraits

I spent several years studying photography gaining myself a Level 3 Extended Diploma, and I find much joy in incorporating photography into my Pet Business. I offer beautiful photographs of your furry family member at no extra cost to my  regular dog walking and pet sitting clients. However if you just wish for a photoshoot for your pet, do not hesitate to contact me to make these arrangements.

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Call me on 07496575017 to discuss our services and find out what’s right for you and your pet.