Pet Day-Care

Do you worry that your pet gets lonely while you are out at work? Or do you have a pet that gets destructive when left alone?
Maybe an elderly pet that needs some more companionship during their week?


We provide an excellent day care session which makes sure your pet’s needs are filled whilst you are out. We can feed our pets if they are due a meal, let them outside to avoid any accidents, whilst filling their day with fun and companionship.

For dogs, this includes a 30 minute walk, along with their play session. We play games and fill their time with enrichment activities. This service is available for dogs, cats and even rabbits!

When we arrive at a play session, we will bring a goodie bag of treats and toys for your pet to keep. This is a complimentary part of our service which helps you be able to share that quality time with your pet when you return home and for use in future play dates.

We recommend a 3 hour playdate which allows us to break up your pet’s day in your absence. Our first play date is at a discounted rate of £20 for the three hours, every session after this will be £24.

Get in touch now to book your pet’s day-care session!