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WWP Update – March 2020

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, I had decided I was going to start blogging on our website to share relevant information about our company as well as pet-related articles for all you pet lovers. Sadly, due to COVID-19, The Wirral Woof Pack has decided to temporarily suspend all walks and pet sitting, as we do not wish to put anyone at risk during these uncertain times.

So I’ve decided to start my blogging earlier than I had originally planned since I have a bit more time on my hands. Outside of being a dog walker, I am a writer and aspiring author, I write for my own personal blog about mental health, books and my lifestyle. I hope you all enjoy our new blog and find our articles helpful. We are wishing you all the best of health and to stay positive during these very uncertain times. We will try to keep our post’s very lighthearted during these times and share some tips of things to do with your pets, as well as anything we feel is relevant.

Note that some of our posts were written before the COVID-19 outbreak so they may not be as relevant. This is a hard time for many self-employed people as well as small business owners like myself, and we hope that this blog will help us to keep our name out there and help grow our business until we can return to our daily work. Feel free to share our blog and contact us with any posts you would like us to write.

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